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We partner with financial advisers to deliver best-in-class diversified investment strategies for your clients and essential efficiencies for your business.

At Atrium, advisers are our lifeblood. We understand how deeply you care about creating the best investment outcomes for your clients – and we also know you need to run a successful and sustainable business.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of practical investment solutions designed to preserve and grow your clients’ wealth, while taking care of the details of implementation and portfolio management.

When you invest through Atrium, we take responsibility for everything from portfolio construction to asset allocation, strategic implementation, risk management, valuation, custody and reporting. So you benefit from an efficient and scalable investment solution, while your clients benefit from best-in-class diversified investment strategies, carefully calibrated to their objectives and risk appetite.

Atrium understands that clients have different needs and goals. Our solutions allow advisers to select an explicit level of portfolio risk appropriate to the risk profile and wealth creation objectives of their client.

We value enduring relationships with advisers and partner with you to understand your organisational structure and, your business needs then offer efficient and scalable investment solutions to support you – freeing you to focus on your clients, not portfolio management.

Today, we manage over A$2bn in professionally managed investment solutions for businesses ranging from single adviser firms to large, multi-adviser practices.

At Atrium, we promise to invest your clients’ money wisely using our proven Risk Targeted investment approach to give peace of mind that their wealth will withstand the inevitable ups and downs of financial markets.

How we invest

Our time-proven diversified solutions – typically made up of a diverse range of expertly selected strategies and managers across asset classes, are designed to maximise opportunity while keeping risk within specified limits. Our single sector portfolios concentrate on specific asset classes to complement a client’s existing investments.

As pioneers of Risk Targeted investing, we put risk management first, helping to ensure that every element of risk is measured, controlled and rewarded with consistent long-term returns. Put simply, we maximise opportunity and manage risk.

Our portfolios offer true diversification, spanning not only equities, bonds, and cash, but also private markets and alternative investments. Our active asset management approach dynamically adjusts the mix of assets and asset classes to ensure your client portfolios respond to and benefit from new opportunities while remaining within the agreed risk limit for each investment portfolio.

Why you can be confident in Atrium’s reliable, high quality investment team

Proven performance for advisers and their clients

Our performance history dates back to 2009, when we developed our investment approach. Since then, our portfolios have consistently met or bettered their investment objectives over the long term – a history of consistent performance.

A highly qualified & accessible team

Our team of investment professionals has more than 100 years of combined investment experience, gained working for some of the largest investors in Australia and internationally. We apply our collective expertise and global reach to implement our investment philosophy to consistently achieve our portfolio objectives.

Sharing the journey

Our team invest their own wealth in many of the solutions we implement for our clients. As a partner, we share the journey.

Committed to transparency

We believe in transparency and open communication. Our team is accessible and our reporting provides up to date information and insights to support your business needs.

Advice sector specialists

Atrium has developed practical working partnerships with single and multi-adviser firms throughout Australia. We understand advice and have a long history of working collaboratively with advisers. We are accessible and collaborative. We give advisers access to best-of-breed global managers across asset classes. We offer time-proven solutions that advisers can trust to preserve and grow wealth for their clients. Ultimately, we provide advisers and clients the confidence to invest in a proven investment approach.

Operational excellence

We place the highest importance on operational excellence, with experienced investment and operational teams continuously improving processes. We operate with integrity, always. We’ve been the trusted partners to our clients for many years.

Independently reviewed, researched and rated

Our diversified solutions have been independently rated by external researchers giving you confidence that we stay true to label and to trust us to invest your clients’ money wisely.

Award winning and highly rated

Our business has been recognised through industry awards as a leader in flexible asset allocation solutions.

Benefits for your advice business

We’re here for you

We listen to your needs, respect your opinion and work flexibly with you to find the best solution for your goals.

Business efficiencies

Because we look after day-to-day management and reporting, you’re free to concentrate on helping your clients meet their lifestyle goals – not on fund administration.

Access to investment management team

We are across the data and the detail. We are experts in manager research and asset valuation and readily make ourselves available to you for discussion.

Benefits for your clients

Your clients benefit from ongoing management by a professional investment team with an enviable track record of outperformance over the longer term. Combined with our unique Risk Targeted investment approach, that means your clients can be confident their investments are being expertly managed to maximise returns within the risk limits.

Your clients also benefit from attentive service and transparent communications, helping to strengthen their relationship with your practice. We provide ongoing reporting, commentary and portfolio updates, including monthly reports, webinars, video updates and investment forums.

Important Information

The information in this website is intended to be general information only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You should obtain and consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) before making a decision about whether to acquire or continue to hold any financial product. Copies of the relevant PDS and TMD are available on our website, or can be obtained from your financial adviser or our Client Investment Services team at Past performance is not an indication of future performance.

Following recent amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), where you have provided us with your email address, we will now send notices of meetings, other meeting-related documents and annual financial reports (each a “Communication”) to you electronically unless you elect to receive these in physical form and notify us of this election.

You have the right to elect whether to receive some or all of these Communications in electronic or physical form and the right to elect not to receive annual financial reports at all. You also have the right to elect to receive a single specified Communication on an ad hoc basis, in an electronic or physical form.

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